Riverside Studios offer workshops in Painting & Drawing, Pottery, Stained Glass Working, Silversmith & Jewellery, Fabric & Textiles and Wood Carving.

Trained and experienced Artists and Crafters within Riverside Studios deliver our workshops. We supply materials and equipment. We comply with Health & Safety to offer a safe, relaxed learning environment.


Meet our resident Artists

Marlene Guthrie

Dip Fine Art Sculpture (Glasgow School of Art)
Secretary Moving Arts Scotland CIC

I consider myself so privileged to be doing what i do.
From making/creating art myself to helping
and encouraging others to do so, i find every step an absolute joy!

".....and then, i have nature an art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?" (Vincent Van Goch)

Working from Riverside Studios, I deliver workshops to various groups of people, including vulnerable adults & kids. I take great pleasure in meeting and collaborating with like minded, inspirational souls! Artists stimulate us and nurture our curiosity. Keep curious!

I am secretary to the board of directors of Moving Arts Scotland and take responsibility for the management of Riverside Studios Shop.

I jointly project manage our CACTI and work with Southcraig Special School on the development of arts & crafts workshops for young adults with severe physical and learning disabilities, through their school leavers programme.

Jen mclardie

BA (Hons) Silversmith & Jewellery

The basis of my work is inspired by my interest in the human connection with nature and how a sense of place can influence and transform us. The similarities of patterns found in the human body and in nature are endless and I seek out to find these details and use the repetition of these forms in my metalwork. The objects I make have a tactile feel from creating textures on the surface using different techniques to emulate organic structures.

Our Ritualistic behaviour fascinates me, especially burial as again it brings us back to our connection with the earth when we are buried together with significant objects. With this in mind I like to imagine coming across some of the pieces I make as buried treasure that has been unearthed or washed up by the landscape around them. These pieces should reflect some of the environment around where they are imagined from.

I'm a Scottish jewellery designer and maker from in the coastal town of Ayr. I graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2016 and I am now based in Riverside Studios which is part of a collective of other artists and makers specialising in different mediums.

Alison Logan

BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture, Glasgow School of Art
Director Moving Arts Scotland CIC

I created Moving Arts Scotland Cic with the intention of developing an artists collective with roots in our local community, providing a variety of skills for workshops and training.
Riverside Studios Ayr facilitate 6 artists providing the means for self employment through the creation of our artwork for sale as well as our community workshops and commissioned work.

My work is split between running the business, producing my pottery, facilitating workshops, funding applications and our community projects.
Pottery is my passion, there is so much to explore from clay to glaze. I am always learning something new and exiting to explore in texture and colour.

Riverside Studios has gives me the opportunity to work with artists and designers from differing specialties. We bring together multiple materials and techniques that we can all share and utilise in our work.

I jointly project manage the CACTI and work with Southcraig Special School on the development of arts & crafts workshops for young adults with severe physical and learning disabilities, through their school leavers programme.

Crystal Proven

HND Glass Art Design, Glasgow City College

I have been working with Glass for over 5 years, I completed my HND in Glass Art Production at the City of Glasgow collage and have exhibited work and create bespoke commissioned pieces.

I have always had a love of art, from an early age experimenting with a wide variety of media such as paint, clay, wood and metal. Drawing inspiration form the spectacular North Ayrshire coastline, I strove to capture the movement, colour and energy of the sea and the ever changing landscape. When I discovered Glass, I finally had a medium which captured all of these elusive characteristics & forms. It is also infinitely recyclable, a characteristic close to my heart.

I am hugely excited to be working with Moving Arts Scotland CiC, in their Riverside Studio & hope you will join my classes on Tuesdays 10 am till 1 pm & 2 pm till 5pm.

To book please call :
01292 618587



A Street Photographer with a passion for community and the arts.
An Ayrshire local lad, he took the opportunity that the current climes of 2020 gave to expand the direction of his work.

Stephen has focused his energy on bringing more Arts to the area and investing his time on evolving his brand into a consultancy that provides Arts based solutions for communities. With projects and activities, he contributes to a vision led by community development through creativity which benefits local business and population.

My designs are available to purchase within Riverside Studios

Sandy Campbell

HND Fashion Technologies

Out of Hand is the imagination of Sanny Campbell, brought to life. He started his creative journey More than 30 years ago and the adventure is ongoing! Sanny is a self taught sculptor with a career span of over 30 years. He has enjoyed recognition and acclaim throughout this time with a range of trophies and awards including his carving of the “ Wallace Yew Tree”, designing the “Burns Humanitarian Award” and the “Mr Scotland” body building trophy to name but a few.

Sanny's love of Art has only ever been rivalled by his love of music, particularly that of the late 70's.

The bands and the icon's of that era have inspired him to develop his range of “Rock” figures from the music he grew up listening to.

My designs are available to purchase within Riverside Studios