Jen Walker

BA (Hons) Silversmith & Jewellery

The basis of my work is inspired by my interest in the human connection with nature and how a sense of place can influence and transform us. The similarities of patterns found in the human body and in nature are endless and I seek out to find these details and use the repetition of these forms in my metalwork. The objects I make have a tactile feel from creating textures on the surface using different techniques to emulate organic structures.

Our Ritualistic behaviour fascinates me, especially burial as again it brings us back to our connection with the earth when we are buried together with significant objects. With this in mind I like to imagine coming across some of the pieces I make as buried treasure that has been unearthed or washed up by the landscape around them. These pieces should reflect some of the environment around where they are imagined from.

I'm a Scottish jewellery designer and maker from in the coastal town of Ayr. I graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2016 and I am now based in Riverside Studios which is part of a collective of other artists and makers specialising in different mediums.