Health & Wellbeing

We encourage Good Health & Wellbeing through offering connections to online resources and locally facilitated classes and workshops. We shall be increasing this as we go so keep an eye out here for more info.


CACTI Project

Our Community Arts & Crafts Training Initiative project began in 2018 and is delivered by our resident Artists & Crafters, working in their artistic practices to empower communities through the reintroduction of traditional arts and crafts skills, encouraging experimentation, growing confidences in gaining new areas of expertise and possibly igniting some old ones that may lead to employability and self-employment. However, just having a routine and social interaction while accessing your creativity has many benefits including social inclusion, community cohesion, growth, active healthy living and co creating.


There are many ways in which our CACTI can facilitate our clients. We facilitate an arts club on a Monday morning from 10 – 12 pm joinable through referrals and free to our clients.

However, we also facilitate the sales of arts & crafts for our clients who practice at home, designing and making some amazing work without the pressure of planning what to do with it.

We are also keen to develop at home art packs for those who want to be busy doing arts & crafts from home but don't have access to the resources or tutorage. We hope by developing an online presence for this group that this will eventually lead to a community arts group that physically meet within one of the available community facilities. We like to boast about our clients work and we will be including some of their work in our up and coming Exhibitions. You can also purchase some of their work within our retail outlet at Riverside Studios. If you ask, we are only happy to share the stories of the work that is for sale. All of the proceeds from sales go back into the project.

It is our plan for the future to further develop our community workshops by opening up No 29 next door where we can spread out and introduce some new ones. We hope you will all keep in touch, watch our progression and

Join us if you can.

Ian Hill Meditation

The mental health benefits of meditation include better focus and concentration, improved self-awareness and self-esteem ,lowered levels of stress and anxiety and fostering kindness.

Meditation also has many benefits for your physical health, as it can improve your tolerance for pain and help fight substance addiction.

More information to come.


Courtney Fisher Yoga

Life is lived through our movement. The easier we move, the more fun life is.

That's why I fell in love with yoga, moving in new ways helped me to become a better version of myself and that's when I embarked on the journey to become a yoga teacher and share the greatness of movement with others.


I've been teaching for over 3 years now and I love the art of creating yoga flows that help to mobilise and create ease for my students.

By attending my classes you can expect all postures to be guided in a way that suits every unique person and I can guarantee you will leave feeling super relaxed, like a huge weight has been lifted from your body.

If you are interested in joining any of my classes, please message me on Facebook or Instagram to book.

Facebook - @courtneyfisheryoga

Instagram - @courtneyfisheryoga