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Moving Arts Scotland is a Contemporary Art Space.

Mascic and Cacti at Riverside Studios in the heart of Ayr, South West Scotland.

Find us on Social Media: @MovingArtsScotlandCiC

Currently closed due to covid-19

Riverside Studios
27 High Street, Ayr, KA71LU


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Donating Funds

We offer an annual membership of £20 that will help support our social enterprise by adding to our resources to cover utilities, consumables and volunteer expenses. Members will benefit from 10% discount on any fine art, craft or design work, made and sold in Riverside Studios above £50. Members can also enjoy 5% discount on all community art and craft workshops throughout the year. When our members join our online team through the website, they can look forward to notifications of local gallery openings, Riverside Studios events and offers, as well as access to link services provided within our community.

Donating Materials

If you can donate jewellery/ small items of furniture/ paint products/ old coloured glass/ material/ clothes/ threads/ clay/ glaze/ paper/ drawing materials, it would be most welcome.


If you would like to Volunteer, we would like to attract individuals with previous experience in all the above. If you are a student studying in the media field, we would also like to invite a volunteer to work with us on marketing and branding. Good practice and a chance to build a portfolio!

If you have no experience in any of the above and would like to do a bit of research through volunteering with our workshops, please also get in touch. We are only too happy to encourage new areas of learning for all ages.